Apps are part of our lives now. Remember that slogan, “There’s an App for That”? Nowadays, it seems like there really is an app for everything — from games to shopping, fitness, beauty, hobbies and more. No wonder that almost 50% of all smartphone users download at least one new app a month.

  • Privacy on social media: limit your friends list to ACTUAL friends, and restrict what you post to friends only.
  • Check under Settings on all your social media apps and change your privacy settings as appropriate.
  • If syncing is enabled on your accounts (between apps), and your device or account is compromised, you haven’t just made life easier for yourself, you’ve also made it easier for the attacker.  Consider syncing manually instead of enabling it automatically.
  • Does every app and device you use really need to know your location? Turn it off unless you need it.
  • Always use a lock screen on ALL of your devices, and enabling encryption will mean that even if someone gets past your lock screen, your data is secure. Make sure that your screen locks in a short period of time, like 30 seconds.

Don’t worry, be appy: A quick look at app safety

Just like with any device or program, though, it’s important to choose and use your apps carefully. Some apps may be scams or contain viruses. Here’s what you can do to keep yourself safe. First, look out for permissions. Any time you install an app, it will ask you to allow it permission to access functions of your device — things like the camera, text messaging ability and contacts list. But should a fitness app need to use your camera, or a game need to know who you call? You can click “Deny” to keep an app from getting certain permissions. Second, get your apps from the social sources. Apple App Store and Google Play have standards for what apps they include, and something from the social store is less likely to cause problems for you.

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