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Cyber Security insurance has a cost. It’s even more expensive if your claim is denied

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Our Services

Network security

New network security technologies from DanTech Services are easy to understand and tailored for your business needs

Managed services

When you need managed services in Anchorage to maintain peak operation in IT network of your business consider DanTech Service

DNS Filtering and SIEM

DNS filtering is like a caller ID system that can enable call blocking. SIEM identifies a threat through network security monitoring, generates an alert and defines a threat level based on predetermined by you rules. 

Data Backup

From cloud services to data backup, DanTech Services Inc to deliver the Best of Class solution.

Cyber Monitoring 

Cyber monitoring provides real-time visibility of suspicious behavior or unauthorized system changes on your network

Remote IT Services

We can plugin to your network and computers from afar, making it easier for DanTech Services to x your issues

Alaska SonicWALL

DanTech Services is ofcial reseller of SonicWALL and provides knowledgeable management, support & sales of SonicWALL UTM's

UnBox Solutions

The DTS Unbox delivers the IT essentials that small businesses need the most, at an affordable price