Software updates are sort of like vitamins. Not everyone thinks about them, but everyone needs them, and they can make a big difference in keeping a system healthy. Let’s take a quick minute to talk about updates.

  • Don’t ignore updates! We get busy and they always seem to pop up at the most inconvenient times, but most updates are primarily security updates, so run them ASAP.
  • Be on the lookout for fake update warnings. Bad guys use those to trick us.
  • If you don’t run those updates, you’re lagging behind and are more vulnerable.  Set your devices and systems to auto-update.
  • Never use unlicensed versions of software or an operating system – they frequently carry malware. Only download software updates from reputable sources.

Up-to-date on updates: Keeping your software fresh

Updates help keep a piece of software or a system current. Because new threats are being developed all the time, manufacturers will send out fixes and updates to help protect their users from new threats — or just from problems they didn’t find when the software was first made. If someone discovers a security problem in a program and a user doesn’t download the update to fix the problem, they are basically leaving a door open. You take a big step in protecting your system when you are smart about updates. Here are some tips. First, always update the big three - your security software, your web browser and your operating system. Those three are absolutely critical for keeping you and your information safe! Second, you can enable auto-update. Check your programs’ settings; the option is usually in there to automatically download new updates whenever one is available.

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