Hackers are out there. Consistently attempting to get to your network no matter where it is located, here in Alaska as well. Small businesses are as much a target as any other business sector. Botnets have no conscience, care or concern about where their attacks lead and which networks get compromised. 

Today, personal data is more important than ever. Lots of companies collect information while doing business, and that means when those companies get hacked, that customer's information gets exposed to the world.

New security technologies from DanTech Services make that a thing of the past with our easy to understand systems and tailor-made services designed for home, store, or business locations. Security in Anchorage is more important than ever today, and it's important you keep your company safe.

  • The great thing about social media is sharing and staying in touch with people – the downside is that information can also be used to trick or impersonate you. Having a social media account increases the chance of ID theft by 46%. 
  • We’re all very busy and bombarded with content (emails, IMs, texts) all day, and that forces us to make really quick decisions with that content. The problem is, the bad guys know that – they know we’re busy and working quickly, and they take advantage of that. 
  • One of the best tips to staying more secure with everything – social media, email, app permission, everything – is to slow down.  Take a second to read and think before you click.

You shall not pass! Protecting customer information

Your knowledge, though, can make a difference and help protect those people who trust you with their data. Let’s talk about protecting customer information. First, it’s important to know what you can and can’t collect. You can usually find that information in your handbook, or by asking HR; they should be able to point you to the right rules. It all depends on your state and federal laws. Making sure you know ahead of time will save you a lot of headaches later! Second, be aware of possible trouble. Some data, like email addresses, seems harmless enough, but it can be exploited by a scammer. If someone approaches you and asks for customer information, you’ll be the first line of security between an innocent person and someone wanting to steal their identity. Always be suspicious when someone asks for info.

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Network security

New network security technologies from DanTech Services are easy to understand and tailored for your business needs

Managed services

When you need managed services in Anchorage to maintain peak operation in IT network of your business consider DanTech Service

DNS Filtering and SIEM

DNS filtering is like a caller ID system that can enable call blocking. SIEM identifies a threat through network security monitoring, generates an alert and defines a threat level based on predetermined by you rules. 

Data Backup

From cloud services to data backup, DanTech Services Inc to deliver the Best of Class solution.

Cyber Monitoring 

Cyber monitoring provides real-time visibility of suspicious behavior or unauthorized system changes on your network. 

Remote IT Services

We can plugin to your network and computers from afar, making it easier for DanTech Services to Services to fix your issues

Alaska MailProtector

Mailprotector empowers you with a full arsenal of Cloud-based email security, management and hosting services sold exclusively through the channel. 

UnBox Solutions

The DTS Unbox delivers the IT essentials that small businesses need the most, at an affordable price