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DanTech Services, located in Anchorage, AK, has been in IT security and support business for many years and we could tell it’s not getting better. We’re here to help you in Alaska, to stay safe online, be able to secure your data and network and protect your computers. If you are located in Alaska, our IT experts will save you time and money doing just that,  keeping your Computer Under Control!

So, when you read about hackers, Trojans, phishing schemes and online security you should be concerned. But is it really stick? Alaska is different, right? Who cares about your business, you are not that big, correct? Wrong!


Who wants to know what. Sharing is not caring.


Longer is stronger. Think in sentences.


Less is more. Lock it down.

Think before you click

There are 3 billion people on the internet and not everyone is who they say they are. Don’t friend people you haven’t met in real life. And consider that people may try to “friend” you based on information that’s publicly available about you. Sometimes people friend or link to you in an attempt to defraud you; sometimes they’re trying to target one of your contacts and they’re just using you to get to that person.

Everything is forever: This is really hard for teens in particular to understand, especially with apps like TikTok. Nothing on the internet every really goes away,  so when you post, assume EVERYONE will be able to see what you’re posting forever. Never presume privacy – that includes email.

The great thing about social media is sharing and staying in touch with people – the downside is that information can also be used to trick or impersonate you. Having a social media account increases the chance of ID theft by 46%. Also, 40% of consumers across the world have been targets of ID theft at least once, and 1.3 million children have their identities stolen every year.

We’re all very busy and bombarded with content (emails, IMs, texts) all day and that forces us to make really quick decisions with that content. The problem is, the bad guys know that – they know we’re busy and working quickly, and they take advantage of that. Take a second to read and think before you click.