You should know that using multi-factor authentication (MFA) can decrease your cybersecurity risk, and certainly is a much stronger defense compared to using traditional passwords alone.

  • There are more than four billion people on the internet today, and many of them use social media to communicate. But while social media can be fun and a great way to chat with friends, it can be risky as well. 

  • When people share personal information about themselves, they may become targets for scammers and identity thieves.
  • Scammers and criminals may try to steal people’s information and money when they shop online as well.

Two locks are better than one

You can take a few simple precautions to keep yourself and your friends and family safe on social media. Here’s how. First, always use the strongest privacy settings you can. Check the Settings section of your social media profile and make sure what you are posting can only be seen by your friends. Second, think about what you post before you post it. It is easy for people to misunderstand a joke or a fun meme, especially with billions of people out there who might see it. It’s easy to avoid this, though. Think of your social media as your clothes: there are some things you wouldn’t wear in public because people would laugh or think it was not a good choice.

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